Linnea (rhymes with "zinnia") Bullion is a photographer and sometime writer living in Los Angeles. She enjoys shooting self-portraits, but–despite this narcissism–hates talking about herself in the third person.

In 2014, Linnea drove 20,000 miles around the United States. A self-published 130 page, hardcover photo book documenting the journey is available for sale. In 2016, she curated an all-women photography show titled, "you should have been there," which featured work by fellow artists Laura Austin, Andrea DoSouto, Magdalena Wosinska, and Megan Miller alongside Linnea. She shot and designed the official photo book for the 2017 Copenhagen Open skateboarding contest.

Her work has been featured by PDN, She Explores, Stay Wild, Elephant Gun, Rangefinder, Bitchslap Magazine, Girls Are Awesome, Noice Magazine, Juxtapoz, and more.
Selected clients include Vans, Parachute Home, MeUndies, Tuesday Bassen, and Mokuyobi Threads.

Please email for inquiries or just to say hi!